We Can Live in Hope in Uncertain Times

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, most of us are on lockdown right now. We’ve been asked to stay home and practice social distancing. Schools are shut down across the United States. Many of us have had modifications to our work schedules.

It’s been a hectic and stressful week, to say the least.

The key to navigating such unprecedented times is to remain calm, draw near to God, and remember that He is sovereign. While we may have anxiety about the threat of the coronavirus or fear about not having enough provisions, we must choose not to live in that place.

To feel anxiety or fear is not wrong, but to willingly dwell there is. This is a time to open our Bibles more often and to pray and confess our concerns to a loving God. He alone is our peace.

Stockpiling food, filling the gas tank, and sanitizing our homes against the coronavirus will not bring us the peace we need in troubled times. The hope of Jesus will. I pray you stay well and make the best of the unexpected time you have with family. I’m choosing to view this time as a blessing and a chance to catch up with God and the people I love.

Here’s an article I wrote for The Ascent on Medium this week. I hope you’ll choose to see the silver lining too.

With Love and Gratitude,


6 thoughts on “We Can Live in Hope in Uncertain Times

  1. God is OUR stronghold, OUR
    deliverer, OUR shield and OUR
    strength , with out him we are

    Thanks Tracy!
    Miss You!

  2. ”To feel anxiety or fear is not wrong,
    but to willingly dwell there is.“
    As a family, we have been able to
    connect on deeper levels than we
    were able to before because our
    schedules are always so busy. We
    have been using this time to seek
    God as a family and draw in closer
    through this uncertain time as well.
    Sure there are times when fear
    creeps in. But once that fear starts to
    develop I know it’s time to actively
    choose to trust The Lord, pray, get
    into his word and choose peace.
    His peace is always available.

    I also find it difficult to access his
    peace if I leave the news on, or if I
    continue to engage in conversations
    that stimulate fear. I have learned to
    keep the news off, only when needed
    to get updates, and limiting certain
    conversations. Not to avoid what’s
    going on, rather not allowing it to
    have power over my thoughts or
    Not “willingly dwelling there” is spot
    Thanks Tracy!

    God Bless

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