About Earl Grey and Yellow

Welcome! I’m Tracy and my life is busy, messy and beautiful. I’m never quite caught up, never quite organized, but always trusting and following Jesus. This blog was born when I became sidelined from running in Spring 2016 after learning I had some serious issues with my back. God always brings beauty from the ashes though. Earl Grey and Yellow is the realization of a long-time dream to write and share with others. As a high school English teacher, I spend a lot of time reading what the students are reading and looking at their writing. This blog is my chance to write and create, expressing ideas about faith, family and life. I’ve come to see the injury as a blessing and the catalyst for a new adventure.

I love Earl Grey Tea, violets, gardening, hiking and spending time in the Prayer Lair.

You are invited to join me. Please feel free to pour a cup of tea, browse around the place, and get to know me. I’ll warn you, I’m imperfect and definitely don’t have all the answers, but I know the One Who Does. Thanks for stopping by!