Earl Grey and Yellow is Back!

Happy Spring everyone! It’s been a while since I decided to shift gears with writing here on Earl Grey and Yellow. If you’ve been a loyal reader over the years, thank you so much. I’m back with exciting news!

I’m taking the leap and creating an author website. Still working on this project and can’t wait to get it up, running, and filled with content.

New author website coming soon!

Free Stuff for My Readers

Now that I’ve spent just over a year writing on Medium and publishing in a few other places, I’ve decided to publish my material on those outside sources here. As a thank you for your loyal readership and friendship, I am going to be publishing 1-2 times monthly with updates on what’s going on in my writing life and FREE content from my other endeavors. Many of you have said you’ve missed getting these emails, so it will be the best of both worlds. I’ll be publishing widely and sharing with my wonderful community here.

Subscribers to Medium pay to read unlimited articles. However, I have access to special friend links that don’t require a membership to read. I’m sharing a couple of pieces here, including one about Lenten devotions I’ve been doing using Alicia Britt Chole’s book, 40 Days of Decrease. Click on links in captions to read for free.

If you love Medium and what it has to offer, please consider a membership. It helps writers like me get paid and gives you access to all the other stories there.

Since you’ve subscribed to Earl Grey and Yellow to read about faith and life, I will keep most of my content here related to Christian living and personal growth. I pray it blesses you and am glad to be back.

Thank you for your loyalty. As always, emails will arrive in your inbox on Tuesdays when a new post is made during the week. I hope to check in here a couple of times a month. Enjoy this wonderful time of renewal and rebirth. Spring is in the air!

With Love and Gratitude,


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