Tiny Signs and Wonders

Ever so slowly, I’m climbing out of the emotional abyss that was 2020. A year of heartache and uncertainty spilled over into 2021, even though it was supposed to be a clean slate. After all, a paper calendar page doesn’t wield that much power.

Looking back through my journal from last year, the common refrains of fear, anxiety, and worry about the future echoed. But one entry caused me to swell with hope as I remembered a tiny reminder God placed right under my nose.

Back in July, I walked to a church garden just down the block. I needed to get outside and find a change of scenery, hoping for a change of mind while I was there. No single thing was bothering me. Instead, layers of frustration and worry stacked upon one another.

My heart felt heavy and my eyes watery as I prayed and journaled on a bench under the shade of an enormous magnolia tree. The flowers were gone, but the full summer leaves provided a canopy of refuge.

Something caught my eye—something barely noticeable. A tiny praying mantis crawled up onto the arm of the bench. I’d never seen one so small. It was smaller than the tip of my pinky finger. Would God send such a tiny sign when I felt like I needed a huge breakthrough?

It stood there, rocking back and forth for a moment before leaping down to the slate paver below as if preparing in prayer before taking the leap. Then it ran to the high grass by the edge of the paver before scaling the tallest blade. It waved in the breeze for a moment before jumping to the next blade.

Pause, pray, move.

A tiny praying mantis the size of my fingertip knows to follow the formula. Pause, pray, move. How much more should I, created in God’s image, remember to do the same?

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (Jeremiah 33:3, ESV)

If I hadn’t walked down to the garden to sit on a bench, I’d have missed the moment. A moment of holy pause. It seemed too perfect and profound not to be a sign. A message of love from a God who knows what we need when we need it. He sends signs and wonders—we just need to be watching.

Even now as the new year shakes off the rubble of last year’s hardships, remembering this tiny sign fills me with hope. Though I feel small and weak, if I pause, pray, and move, God is faithful to go with me.

May we always be looking for tiny signs and wonders from our Heavenly Father.

With Love and Gratitude,

7 thoughts on “Tiny Signs and Wonders

  1. Beautiful Tracy. I was just telling someone that I love the way God gently leads and even
    convicts. This is such a spectacular example of how he does that. And yes, we need to keep
    our eyes open and our attention on the little signs. They are everywhere.

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