October: Consider the Performance

It’s October! This has always been my favorite month, and not just because my birthday happens to be in October. An extra-special reason to love it this year is that my beautiful eldest daughter is getting married this week. She is a lover of fall also, thus the desire for an October wedding. What a wonderful day it will be.

Weddings and birthdays aside, I like to take time to consider the lavish yearly performance of October. I live in New Jersey, so autumns here are pretty spectacular. Early October tends to be warmish, in the 70s, with evenings flirting with the upper 50s and lower 60s. As the month goes on, mornings grow chilly, the nuisance of mosquitoes is put on pause, and shorter days prevail.

It’s all part of the loving performance of the Creator. In addition to blessing us with perfect weather, He summons the last of the Monarch butterflies to pass through my yard. They drift down and drink deeply of buddleia bush nectar outside my Prayer Lair window. Their floating orange bodies are soon replaced by floating leaves of the same hue, surrendered by the maple tree across the street.

The performance of the leaves isn’t one note either. A riot of color transforms my neighborhood as yellow, maroon, and bright red creep across treetops while we sleep and surprise us in the mornings. Mist rises from the river. A patchwork blanket of leaves adorns my lawn.

One of my favorite glimpses of fall is the hint of color I can see through my 130-year-old front porch windows. It takes my breath away each year. I wonder how many times another person sat on my porch in the past and considered the performance of the trees.

We add to the performance of October with crackling fire pits under an old catalpa tree strung with lights. Embers drift up with the smoke, an offering of thanks to God for October, the best month of the year. I try to pursue faithfulness in the little things by taking notice of it. Its bounty and beauty are perpetually spellbinding to me.

If you live in a place that has autumn changes, take notice this year. Consider the performance lovingly put on by God Himself.

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4 thoughts on “October: Consider the Performance

  1. Hi Tracy,
    Your words drew me closer to
    October. The pictures you
    painted with your words are
    simply beautiful. Fall is
    definitely my favorite, yet
    God is teaching me to
    embrace all seasons both the
    PA kind and the spiritual kind.

  2. Nice writing. My fav month too. Crazy but I enjoy raking leaves then
    watering them with light water spray so the wind does not whip them

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