Battling Back to School Madness: Family Fun

Family hike

Where I live, we’ve just about survived the first month of school. With all the business of getting back to school, it’s important to have family fun too.

Everyone is settled in and you’ve likely found your flow for the year. I’d like to suggest some ways to fit in family fun at a low cost.



We must be intentional during our downtime because, for many families, calendars are full and commitments are many. Plan a lazy morning or evening to do nothing but hang out.

On a Saturday or Sunday that you don’t have to get up early, stay in your pajamas. Enjoy a cooked breakfast together, instead of gobbling down a quick bowl of cereal before running out the door.

After breakfast, play games or watch a movie together. Cozy up and enjoy a lazy morning for a little while.

If you don’t have a morning available for a pajama party, what about an evening when there are no planned activities? Have everyone come right home and slip into pajamas. Then enjoy an easy meal of pizza or grilled cheese. Follow up with games, a movie, and snuggles.


Fall is beautiful in my neck of the woods. Crisp temperatures and changing leaves make it a great time to get outside. Most of us are confined to the indoors during the day, so why not get out there?

After dinner, take a family stroll around the neighborhood and talk about your day. Better yet, pack a picnic dinner and eat at a local park, finishing it off with playtime.

Try a combination of playing in the yard and yard work. Kids can run and play while you rake, mow, or weed. Take a break to kick a soccer ball or blow bubbles. Yes, this includes work, but it’s a great double-duty way to get some outside time with your children.

If your schedule and time permit, book a camping weekend or a day trip somewhere that you can take in the season outdoors. Hike, fish, and watch the stars together. Limited time and resources? Tent out in the backyard and make s’mores right at home.

Staying connected to nature is important for our physical and emotional health. Enjoying it as a family makes it even better.

Family hike


Our county library has a program where you can check out museum passes. We have access to the Penn Museum, Grounds for Sculpture, the Academy of Natural Sciences, and more. They are free to check out and allow a day of family fun with no admission fees.

If your library doesn’t have this program, local museums may have special rates on certain days, or you may be able to find Groupons that provide discounts. The link I’ve provided is for Philadelphia. Simply search for your city or area to see what is available near you.

Speaking of the library, many libraries offer free programming for children and families, including concerts, lectures, and crafts. It’s a great way to spend time with your children locally and even check out a book in the process.

Now that you’ve found your back to school rhythm, I hope family fun will be part of your schedule. Happy Fall!

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