God is Greater Than the Unknown

One of my worst habits is dwelling in worry. The unknown sinks its claws in, and instead of wrestling free, I sometimes allow it to cripple me. It’s a terrible habit. Full disclosure–the times I’m crushed by worry are usually the times I’ve been scattered and distracted, not spending enough time with God.

I’m fighting my way out of a time of worry these days. School has started, and my husband and I have both gone back to the classroom. But in an ironic twist, we will both be teaching in empty classrooms for a while. Before our school districts made the decision to be fully remote, I was consumed with worry. Anything was fair game.

The condition of the building, whether or not my students would wear their masks correctly, my own children learning from home–all of it threatened to consume me. Why? I’d forgotten to pour my concerns out to God. Instead, I chose to carry them around day and night.

I should have known better.

Here I am, a woman who writes Christian encouragement for others who forgets her own advice. But God in His mercy shows up with gentle reminders. More than once in recent weeks, Isaiah 41:10 has crossed my path.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

When I get too tangled up in the what-ifs and worries of life, I forget mighty promises like this. God Himself, with His own mighty hand, will uphold and help me. What better guarantee could there be?

I explored the verse further by reading Charles Spurgeon’s commentary on the matter. He gives believers an important reminder–we are “elected and selected”.

“It is so with the Lord’s believing people. Ye are elected and selected, chosen and ordained, and set apart. You may fear the Lord, and not give your hearts to any other. May God grant that we may be true to this our sacred trust.” -Charles Spurgeon

As chosen people, our hearts must be given only to Him. When we give our hearts over to fear of the unknown, we make an idol of our worry. The promise of God to guard us should overshadow our worries about the unknown. So we should be quick to turn our hearts from fear and worry to the One who protects and upholds.

These reflections are really a pep talk for myself. I’m sharing them in hopes they encourage those who similarly wrestle with worry about the unknown. Going deeper into the Bible and confessing our concerns to God is a more productive and edifying way to deal with our fears.

Whatever causes you to worry, may it pale in comparison to the promise of Almighty God to strengthen and uphold you. Once we get our minds around it, releasing our worries becomes easier.

Take heart, we have an Advocate and Defender who is sovereign over all things.

With Love and Gratitude,

3 thoughts on “God is Greater Than the Unknown

  1. What a beautiful, much needed message…as you know, my fear and worry has nothing to do
    with what is happening with Covid and everything to do with the uncertainty of my son’s
    future. I am better today than when you and I first shared my fears in prayer but I still have a
    ways to go. As we faced another challenge yesterday, this message could not have been
    more timely. Love you, my friend!!

    1. Thank You Tracy!

      Your Message is much needed to so
      many who are snuggling !

      My fear is not with Covid , but with
      my families salvation in this very
      challenging time in our world !

      Your always an inspiration!

      In Gods Love and Grace,


      My prayers are with you and your
      family daily!
      Much love and blessings!

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