Managing the Gift of Summer Well

My husband and I are teachers, so June is hectic. In a couple of weeks, everyone in our home will be done school for the summer. It’s such a gift to have our summers together, a much-needed break.

Once school is out, things will change for us. The pace of life will slow and the days won’t be as packed. It will be time to reflect, breathe, and catch up on everything that fell by the wayside during the school year.

Reading and rest are part of my plan.

We’ll need to make some adjustments. My husband works part-time in the summer. This year, I will be working for myself as a writer and freelancer. Our home needs attention also. There will still be work to do but a much more forgiving schedule.

We’ll need to be purposeful as we regroup and reconnect as a family later this month. This will help us get our work done and make the most of the time we have together. A balancing act will ensure we don’t work too hard or play too hard.

Living By a Different Rhythm

I’ve learned that as much as I love the freedom of summertime, I am not always disciplined about how I spend my time. Routines are good for me. Though I won’t have one as strict as during the school year, I plan to develop one this summer and stick to it.

The restoration and relaxation of summer are vital to teachers. It helps me plan for the next school year and be refreshed and ready for a whole new batch of high school students in September.

However, there are also projects and family activities we can only do during the summer due to school calendar constraints. If I am not wise about how I use my time, I risk not fitting these things in.

My kids also need structure. If we don’t set some kind of guidelines, they’ll loaf around watching TV all summer. Making sure we model how to spend our time well will help them learn that fun and responsibility can coexist.

Plan for both work and fun for best results during the summer.

Honoring the Time

By thinking of our time as currency, we can spend it more wisely. There are limits to how much time there is, so we want to be intentional in our planning.

Here’s what our summer schedule will include:

  • QUIET TIME WITH GOD: We’ve taught the kids that this needs to be the first order of business in the morning.
  • EXERCISE: We will walk, ride bikes, swim, kayak, and hike together.
  • VACATION: A big family vacation with grandparents and visits to family down south are on the list.
  • WORK: Dad part-time at the sailing club, Mom part-time writing.
  • FAMILY FUN: We look for free and low-cost fun. Beach days, museums, picnics, bonfires, concerts, and other activities are part of our rotation.
  • STEWARDSHIP AT HOME: We will do deep cleaning and decluttering this summer. Other projects include painting and yard work. Keeping up with the chores is easier in the summer so we can start school clean and tidy around here.

That’s a pretty heavy list of things to do. We’ve had summers when we had a bit too much fun and our home wasn’t tended to as well as it could have been. Other years we worked a lot out of financial necessity, limiting our fun time. This year, our goal is to find the sweet spot that gets it just right.

Even if the adults in your home are not off for the summer, hopefully things get more relaxed in your household. The kids’ sports schedules slow down and the demands of homework and school functions pause for a bit. This time is perfect for planning family fun.

Before the magic of summer slips by, sit down and talk about what kinds of activities you want to do. What projects do you want to complete? Who do you want to visit? Agree on a list and put things on the calendar.

I’ve learned that no matter how much or how little time I have available, without a calendar, I don’t use my time efficiently. When we plan ahead, it allows us to fill in the cracks of time that are left with things that are more flexible.

I hope your summer is restful, healthy, and fun. What are some of your favorite summer activities? Please comment and let us know. Happy Summer!


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