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This week’s topic is one close to my heart because I’ve watched my interviewee walk through it. Adopting a child is a painstaking process and isn’t easy–financially or emotionally. Her family is a miracle family, orchestrated by God in His own perfect way.

Angela was born and raised in North Jersey. Her Italian family and her family’s pizzeria business instilled in her a love of people–and food of course. She believes the prospect of marrying someone who had pizza connections lured her husband to her, but it was really Jesus drawing them to each other. Angela has been married to Dan for 18 years. They have been amazed at how God has led them through infertility, adoption and into ministry. She is humbled that she gets a front row seat to see how the Lord is transforming lives and that she also gets to be the momma of two precious girls Hope (8) and Sadie (1). Here’s my interview with her:

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: How did your adoption journey begin?

ANGELA: Our family’s adoption journey began before we were married. My husband Dan and I spoke about adoption while we were dating. We both felt we wanted to adopt after we tried having biological children of our own.

Little did we know we would struggle with infertility. We tried a few different fertility procedures and they didn’t work. We were not candidates for IVF (in-vitro fertilization) due to the quality of my eggs. Our reproductive endocrinologist gave us two choices – egg donor or adoption.

I looked across the table at that man and said I believe in two things– miracles and God can give us a family any way He chooses. Little did I know how true those words would be. We went to a local adoption agency and learned about embryo adoption and decided to give this option a try.

After a few unsuccessful attempts on our third and final try (embryo transfer), we became pregnant with our daughter Hope. She was born in August 2010.

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: After adopting the first time, how did your second adoption journey unfold?

The birth of our daughter Hope was challenging. I ended up having placenta acreta, which was life-threatening. After being in the ICU for almost a week and a month later having uterine surgery, we realized embryo donation would not be the route of our second adoption.

We went back to the same adoption agency a few years after Hope was born and began the process for domestic adoption. The process was prolonged because just as we were about to begin matching with a birth mom, we moved a few hours away. We waited at least a year to be settled into our new jobs before beginning the home study process again.

Once all our paperwork was completed, it took another year for us to be chosen by a birth mother. We began fundraising for the adoption. The Lord blew us away with every single provision at every single moment we needed it. Finally, in November 2017, I received a call from our adoption counselor that a birth mother wanted to meet us. We met her the week before Thanksgiving and she chose us to parent her little girl. Just 3 weeks later in December 2017, Sadie came into our lives.

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: What were some of the most difficult things about the process of adoption?

ANGELA: The prolonged waiting, doubting, and feeling like we were on emotional roller coasters with both girls. Trusting God with my body and health for Hope and trusting God for his timing and financial provision for Sadie was challenging. As the waiting got longer, the doubts increased. I had to remind myself of what God said before and that what His word said was true

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: We’ve talked before about God’s timing. Can you please explain how His timing worked out in the case of each of your precious girls?

ANGELA: Hope was born almost ten years after we were married. I say she was the answer to my unanswered prayers because it ‘had to be her ‘. If God answered our prayers in my timing we wouldn’t have had this specific child. When trying to conceive, we had 3 attempts at embryo transfers with the embryo adoption. It was just like God to show up in the nick of time on our third and final try. In Sadie’s case, all the times we weren’t chosen by a birth family were because it ‘had to be her ‘ as well.

One would think I completely learned a lesson in the waiting for Hope, but I’m a slow learner so I guess the lesson had to be repeated. I looked back on the waiting with Hope and knew in my heart and soul the Lord would show up again. When He did, it was just at the right time. As we heard Sadie’s birth mother speak to us, it’s was as though all the years of waiting made sense. Suddenly EVERY provision from the smallest detail to the biggest was taken care of. We were chosen to parent Sadie exactly when we needed to and we felt as though the floodgates opened on our family financially, which provided all we needed to bring our girl home.

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: How did the quest to adopt impact your relationship with God?  

ANGELA: I think the process of adoption drew me to my knees in prayer more than ever. There were so many details that I felt I needed to communicate with the Lord about. I knew ultimately if God called us to adopt, it would come to pass–but not without a fight.  Right before Hope was born, I was completely discouraged and the Lord brought me to a place of surrender.

I remember that moment so vividly, being on my knees and the Lord telling me to worship like it already happened. That drew me closer to the Lord. Although I didn’t understand His ways, I knew I needed to trust Him. Right before Sadie came into our lives, we wanted to throw in the towel. The Lord brought me/us to a place of surrender again.

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: What have you learned about God from this experience?

ANGELA: That He cares so passionately about life. There are more reasons I can share why these girls shouldn’t even be here, and yet He has a plan for them. We are humbled we even get to be a part of their stories. I have learned that the Lord’s timing is right and better than my own. When He seems silent, He is often working behind the scenes. He cares so much about the work going on in our hearts. Yes, He is a good father who wants to shower us with good gifts (and He has). However, above anything or anyone He could ever give me, what matters most is for me to know Him, walk with Him, and trust Him

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: What’s your favorite passage of scripture and why?

ANGELA: Oh, too many to choose from! In the more recent season, these 2 scriptures spoke volumes to me Psalm 27:14 and Deuteronomy 31:8.

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: What’s your favorite family activity that isn’t related to school or extracurriculars and why.  

ANGELA: Honestly, we love unhurried, unrushed time together. Our go-to when we are all home together is making pancakes and bacon. It’s a Girlando staple. Some of our favorite days have started off this way. We also love being outdoors together

EARL GREY AND YELLOW: Rainy morning with nobody else home–coffee or tea?


Thank you to my beautiful friend for sharing her story. Adoption is a gift that respects life and blesses families. To learn about adoption, please visit for more information.

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