Testimony Under the Surface

I was baptized at 14 years old at the front of the church where I grew up. I’ll never forget it. Donning a white robe, I stepped into the white-tiled baptismal tank, heart beating like mad. Before I was baptized, I shared a short testimony. Then, I went under the surface, emerging full of peace.

My baptism was the start of a lifelong journey to grow closer to God, one laden with hills and valleys. Each peak and low place forged my path, all necessary parts of the sojourn.

In recent months, we’ve had two baptism services at church. These were days so heavy with God’s goodness that giving them adequate words is impossible.

Our denomination doesn’t baptize babies. Instead, in a short ceremony, we dedicate children to God by praying for them and their parents. Then, as older children or adults, they may choose to accept Jesus and be baptized after giving a short testimony.

During these recent services, a video of each candidate’s testimony was shown prior to each baptism. The stories were moving. The array of people who participated and the stories they shared demonstrate that God’s love is for all people.

Despite these times in which our country is polarized by race, age, and politics, a glimpse of heaven emerged as the baptisms took place. Multiple generations, various shades of skin, and an array of social backgrounds were represented.

These are unifying moments, knitting us all together under the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. One family, one salvation.

What else can unite like the love of Jesus? What other force can draw people from every corner of society to a place of freedom? There is no other name that holds the power to create such a testimony.

A young man previously struggling with drugs and legal issues stepped into the tank. His testimony was about how God had delivered him from his old lifestyle.

Another man in his twenties described being in the process of gathering pills in his bathroom. He planned to take his own life. In the midst of preparing the pills, he was stopped by the voice of God, causing him to drop them and collapse in surrender to Jesus. Into the healing waters he went.

A woman in her sixties gingerly navigated the stairs into the tank and was baptized, thanking God for a new life, though she is near retirement.

An entire blended family, consisting of an engaged couple and their respective young children, entered into the covenant of baptism just months before a wedding united them all forever.

One couple baptized an adult daughter who’d strayed from the Lord but returned to her faith. Two of her children also took the plunge with her as well. What a day for that family!

Emerging dripping and smiling, some raised their arms in victory, while others embraced the person who’d baptized them. Cheers and tears swept across the sanctuary as each one surfaced. What a beautiful moment to be in harmony across social lines of many kinds to celebrate the redemptive power of Jesus’ love.

Young, old, black, white, Hispanic, broken, happy, suicidal, addicted, abused, joyful…each person stepped into the water and emerged brand new. We can argue theology, but we surely can’t argue a testimony. The Lord is moving and changing lives. God leaves me speechless.

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8 thoughts on “Testimony Under the Surface

  1. Hey there,

    Just wanted to say I loved the reminder
    of the true meaning of salvation, baptism,
    and faith. It’s so easy to caught up in life
    that if often gets clouded. Thanks for
    putting it back into perspective.

  2. Hi Traci,
    I stumbled onto your site and
    am so glad I did. Your
    description of the baptismal
    service was deeply moving,
    and my spirit was blessed in
    reading it.
    Our church recently had a
    dedication / baptism service
    for the new babies and young
    children of the deeply faithful
    young parents in our
    congregation. The choice of
    which way to go was theirs,
    and prior to each child’s turn,
    the fathers would come up to
    the mic and give the family’s
    testimony and promises of a
    Godly upbringing for their
    child. It was moving and
    encouraging to hear such
    statements of faith from
    these young families in a time
    when it seems like the rest of
    the world has gone mad in
    their unbelief.
    We also have an adult
    baptism outdoors in the
    summer, again with those
    beautiful and diverse
    testimonies. In the case of
    teenagers, the pastor allows
    the fathers to perform the
    baptism. Such joy is
    I look forward to reading
    more of your blogs.
    Grateful to have found you!
    United in Him,
    Tish ❤

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