Hairdryers and Holy Spirit Fires


The start of the school year is always hectic at my house. Everyone here goes to school every day. My two younger children are in 1st and 6th grades, and my husband and I are high school teachers. Early mornings, packing lunches, and homework replace the more laid-back pace of our summertime life.

This week, I had Back to School night for my own children, then played the teacher’s role the following night at my school. When I turned on the hairdryer to blow dry my hair, I was greeted by a powerful blast of room temperature air, instead of the heat needed to accomplish a civilized look for going to work. The air moved my hair around, but didn’t really accomplish a whole lot to dry it. My hairdryer wasn’t doing what it was created for.


I tossed the spent appliance into the trashcan, where it landed with an inglorious THUNK, the cord feebly hanging over the rim. There at 6:15 AM, as I looked at my jettisoned hairdryer, the Lord quickened a spiritual truth to my heart.

Without the fire,  function falters. 

My hairdryer had lost its potential to shape my hair without its heating element. So will I lose my ability to influence people and make a difference for the Kingdom of God without the fire of the Holy Spirit. I thought of how my own “heating element of faith” has been less than hot lately because of the sudden change in my schedule. I’d allowed my busyness and tiredness to fill up a gallery of beautiful excuses, all painted with the brush of complacency. Far more tepid lately than fiery, my faith has been a yawning devotion rather than a passionate one.

Far more tepid lately than fiery, my faith has been a yawning devotion rather than a passionate one.

Unlike my defunct hairdryer, I can regain the fire of the Spirit in my life by simply asking God to stoke it. He is faithful to do so. But, I have to be intentional with the time I do have. The litany of excuses needs to be piled at the door of my Prayer Lair, as I go in and ask to be stirred up once again, seeking a personal revival in my heart and spirit.

The Prayer Lair
The Prayer Lair

For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

1 Timothy 1:6 (NIV)

In this scripture, Paul exhorts Timothy to hold fast to the faith, having seen his fervent devotion to the Lord. He is aware of Timothy’s lineage of faith, as well as the power of God’s work in Timothy’s life.

FAN INTO FLAME…it’s a pressing in, seeking, praying, action. God meets us where we are, even in our yawning and weariness. He can revive us and set the flame ablaze in our spirits. The only thing required of us is to draw near.

Without the fire,  function falters. 

I’ll be heading out this weekend for a new hairdryer, but before that, heading into the Prayer Lair for a new soul fire. May your drawing near to Him fan a flame deep within.

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12 thoughts on “Hairdryers and Holy Spirit Fires

  1. Beautiful! So often we all fall into the trap of the routine of life and forget about the passion God has given us. Fan the flame Lord! Never let it die! Thank you for your encouraging words today!

    1. Funny story…my 11 year old is the one who named it. I was calling it the “Mom Cave” and she came up with “Prayer Lair”. 🙂

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