Spring Video Update: Of Praise and Pride

Hi friends. It’s  been a bit since I have posted a video and it was such a fantastic spring day that I rigged up my little video shoot on the porch. In today’s video I shared about a recent issue that’s been on my heart. If I could be perfectly honest, I am in a season of struggling with the balance between asking God to increase my blogging audience and the concern over approval of my work by the public. 

You see, in my heart I yearn to bring glory to my Heavenly Father through this blog and pray that He would open doors for me to write more and perhaps begin to freelance. I would also love to begin doing speaking engagements and share about Him and His great love. The problem is that I am human and though I know Jesus is due all the praise and glory, there is part of my heart that craves the likes/shares/approval of the public. Of course, I know who I am in Christ, but there is something nice about knowing people find your work enjoyable to read and personally meaningful. I take pride in my work but don’t want to allow pride to take up residency in my heart.

I read the most WONDERFUL article over the weekend called Stop Photobombing Jesus by Garrett Kell.  Kell is pulling no punches when he speaks of the traits of a “glory thief”, or someone who steals attention from Jesus. I was particularly struck by Kell’s statement that “…there is a fine line between wanting God to use you for his glory and wanting everyone to know it. It’s the fine line between pure worship and idolatry.”

Oh. My. Goodness. I was repenting and praying and evaluating my heart and motives like crazy for several days after reading Kell’s article, which I hope you will read also. I shared it on several Christian blogging community groups on Facebook and received overwhelming responses affirming me that I was not alone in my struggle to avoid being a glory thief. So many of us who write are walking the same tightrope of praise and pride.

I have become painfully conscious of the real danger in allowing attention and accolades to divide my loyalty between Jesus and the world.

When I pray for God to increase my influence as a writer and prosper me, I always add the caveat “Lord please don’t give me anything I would be unable to handle and still give you all the glory”.  After reading Kell’s article, and several other posts, tweets and devotionals that “just so happened” to make their way across my line of vision in the past few weeks, I have really begun to be more intentional and focused about staying in prayer, study and worship so that I am able to be balanced and remember from Whom my gifts come.


I will be doing my first speaking engagement next weekend for a Ladies’ Tea at my church. The gathering will be about 200 women. To be chosen to speak is humbling and has caused me to engage in serious reflection on the notion of the “glory thief”.  I have become painfully conscious of the real danger in allowing attention and accolades to divide my loyalty between Jesus and the world. I won’t. I can’t. The message  of Christ is too important so I will pray for Him to increase my influence and decrease my pride by equal degrees as I go. May we all remember to throw our crowns at His feet.

“Am I now trying to win the approval of people or of God?” -Galatians 1:10

Hi! I’m Tracy…Christ-follower, wife, mama, writer, blogger, speaker, teacher, dreamer. I love Earl Grey Tea and quiet mornings. Here at Earl Grey and Yellow, the focus is striving to be faithful and appreciate the small things. So glad you stopped by. Please have a look around and subscribe to our newsletter and social media to stay connected.

8 thoughts on “Spring Video Update: Of Praise and Pride

  1. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your honesty. It’s a read struggle, one I pray about often as well. I will pray for your lesson this weekend to bring glory to God.

    1. Thank you. Praise God that He gives us beauty for ashes and uses us in ways we never imagined. 🙂

    1. That article slayed me! I think I will need to refer back to it periodically in order to center myself. It is difficult to strive for increasing reach without stepping on Jesus’ toes sometimes.

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