WIPEOUT! 8 Unconventional Ways to Use Baby Wipes

Hello, my name is Tracy and I still buy baby wipes, even though I don’t have a baby anymore. My youngest child is five and starts kindergarten next week. However, there are wipes in the house, upstairs and down…and in my classroom, my van, virtually everywhere. Unashamedly, I haul a carton of unscented, sensitive skin wipes onto the conveyor belt at Target with regularity…because they are AWESOME.

Harness the power of baby wipes!
Harness the power of baby wipes!

The humble baby wipe is a multi-use workhorse that far transcends the “marketed use” of butt wiping. If you’ve relegated baby wipes to so narrow a scope of usage, you are missing out. They are simply The Best Thing. Having them around the house allows me to tackle tasks left and right without harsh chemicals and they hold up better than paper towels. My favorite ways to use baby wipes are below. I recommend Target’s Up and Up brand sensitive skin, unscented wipes. You’re welcome.

  1. STAIN REMOVAL – Oh yes! They help dab out stains on clothing, upholstery and beyond.  I simply attack a stain with a clean baby wipe and can usually remove almost all of the offending blemish until I can throw stuff in the washing machine. They work like a charm on unexpected splatters and spills of all kinds. I’ve navigated dry-erase marker on a chair, chocolate on a shirt and much more.
  2. HAND/FACE WIPING – In a pinch, when soap and water aren’t available, these are great for cleaning sticky hands. I keep a package in my van and in my desk at work for just such use. When cotton candy is everywhere? Baby wipes! Ice cream drips at the beach? Baby wipes! You get the idea.
  3. “FRESHENING UP” – When you’re running around and have to go somewhere and don’t have time to stop for a shower, baby wipes are great.  Face, armpits and…well…wherever else you need to just clean on up, baby wipes have got you covered.  They are also great for the bathroom in general. Just don’t flush too many – one or two at most.
  4. CLEANING THE BATHROOM – So much more durable than paper towels, baby wipes can help you do mini-wipe downs of the sink and toilet between in-depth cleanings.  And when it is time to “really clean” you can add your favorite cleanser.  I clean my porcelain sink with Comet, water and baby wipes.  They scrub well without tearing.  Same goes for wiping down toilets with the spray of your choice. If you are in particularly grimy circumstances, you can throw one in the toilet and swish it around the bowl with the brush on stubborn stains.
  5. KITCHEN CLEANUP – These work great on counters as well as your fridge, stove, sink and other appliances.  Often, just the moistened wipes work great.  For heavier messes, you can spritz some of your favorite spray for the kitchen and cleanup is a snap. Please note that if you are cleaning anything involving raw eggs or meat, you should use a disinfectant spray.
  6. WORK – I am a teacher and dusty desks, chalky hands and smudged glasses and computer screens are the norm.  I use wipes for these things and for student desks.  They wipe off rogue pen and pencil graffiti and do a great job on whiteboards too.
  7. FIRST AID – Wipes can gently clean minor scrapes and cuts if you are out and about and don’t have a first aid kit handy.  I have also found that on little knees and arms, you can actually tie the wipe around snugly (not tightly) to blot bleeding until you can tend to the injury properly.
  8. SHOE CARE – Wiping down muddy or smudged shoes with baby wipes prevent messes from being tracked into your home.  Simply wipe down your shoes and they’re ready to be worn again without dirt on them. This will keep your shoes nice for longer and prevent permanent staining.

Baby wipes are a household staple we still find wonderfully useful, even though we don’t have babies at home anymore. Chances are if you think about it, you can find even more uses for them based on what goes on in your world. Grab a case – I promise you’ll love them and will be amazed that you lived without them.

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