Be a Good One

My paternal grandparents were towering figures of faith in my life. Humble and hardworking people, they lived life to love others and serve the Lord. My earliest recollections of Pop talking to me about anything and everything are burned into my memory. Topics like Jesus, the function of a fire hydrant, the clarity of the…

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Mayday! Parenting from the Edge of Summer

Today was a ruthlessly busy day of parenting, consisting of two kids’ birthday parties, a yard sale, and a Cub Scout event. This was ill-positioned at the end of a hectic week at work. I’m finally sitting down to write, to assure you that as positive as I aim to be, I see neither sunshine…

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5 Ways to Rejoice in Today

I love me some time off. Evenings after the workday, weekends, vacations, summer break – I will take what I can get and I will adore it. I’ve been working full time for 25 years and have learned that there’s way more to life than work. But I have a problem. I’m a Debbie Downtime…

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