Claim Your Promised Land

Forty years of wandering had ended. Joshua went on to lead the Israelites over the Jordan River. Two generations after starting the journey, the time had come.

In Joshua 3, the account of the crossing is detailed. Yet in Joshua 18, there were still some tribes who had not yet taken possession of their allotment of the Promised Land.

Imagine it, forty years of wandering was over. The Israelites had finally crossed into their long-hoped-for land. Unbelievably, some had still not stepped forward and claimed that which God had promised them.

Joshua addressed them with a pointed question:

“So Joshua said to the Israelites:
‘How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land
that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?'”
(Joshua 18:3 NIV)

This exhortation is surprising to an outsider. If you’d finally come to a long-awaited place (metaphorically or literally), delaying it any further would seem foolish. Of course, they should go in and receive what was promised.

Joshua’s words to the Israelites are words for today also. Once God has given a blessing and shown favor to us, we must move and take possession.

When we hesitate, whether out of fear or a lack of drive, we dishonor God and the gifts He wants to give us.

With gratitude, we should step forward in faith to receive the gifts of God. These gifts are meant to be a blessing not only to us but others also.

Relationships, business ventures, ministry opportunities–these are all areas of life where God moves and opens doors for us. We need to move forward and take possession of the gifts He gives.

When He moves, what is your response? Do you hesitate and worry over the matter? Do you put off taking your next step?

I sometimes hesitate. When I was reading the passage from Joshua 18, it resonated with me. I’d never heard this part of the story.

Once it was time to cross the Jordan, I assumed everyone ran into the Promised Land. It was flowing with milk and honey after all. I figured they started living their best lives right away.

Not so. Their hesitation, and mine, makes no sense. As I thought and prayed about this, I began to identify areas in my own life where I needed to move because God had made things clear to me.

He’d already made the way. It was my turn to step into the good plan he’d already laid out for me.

As you pray and wait for God to move, remember that when He answers, the next move is yours. He is faithful to deliver. We must be faithful to move when he does.

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