Spring Cleaning: DISCONTENT

Choosing contentedness is a discipline. Few of us are perfectly content with all areas of our lives. Relationships, health, finances, work –all of these can instigate feelings of discontent at one time or another.

In seasons when I feel restless and discontented with my circumstances, this is usually a sign that I haven’t been giving God enough of my attention. When my eyes and mind are fixed on Him, falling into these patterns of thought and emotion is far less likely.

The telltale signs for me are irritability and comparison. I experience dissatisfaction with my own life when I juxtapose it with others’ lives. Not only is this a mistake that makes me miserable, but it also dishonors God.

God knows exactly where I am. He sees me. He loves me. He has a plan and a purpose that is uniquely designed for me. When I fail to rest in His grace, I get into trouble and fall into discontent. Here’s how to reframe your mind and get back into the right place in your head and heart when you feel discontent.


While it may sound like an old cliché, it really isn’t. Counting our blessings and calling to mind all that God has done for us are a quick remedy for feelings of discontent. When I consider how far He’s brought me from who I used to be, I can’t help but be filled with gratitude.

Keeping a journal is a good way to keep a tangible record of your prayers and life events. In time, it becomes a written testimony of God’s goodness. As God speaks to you or moves on your behalf, you can write it down and look back at it when you need a fresh perspective.

I’ve been keeping journals for some time. When I go back and read how God has worked in my life, I am amazed and grateful. Seeing the black and white evidence of His goodness on the pages is good medicine for a discontented soul.


If you are feeling discontented in your own life, consider how you can bless someone else who needs help. Perhaps you have a friend who is ill or a family member who is struggling financially. How can you be part of the solution to their problem?

Take a baked good to a neighbor. Offer to babysit your single friend’s kids so she can have some downtime. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Connecting with and serving others is another way to chase discontent away. Loving on someone else makes us feel good and strengthens relationships.


Social media and television can fuel feelings of discontent because we compare ourselves and our lives with what we see there. Try taking a break from social media for a weekend or longer. Being present in the moment and spending more time with God and family are powerful tools against discontentedness.

Feeling frustrated? Take a walk. A short walk around your neighborhood is good for clearing your mind and allows you to think better. Pray as you walk. Listen to worship music. Sometimes a lack of rest can lead to feelings of discontent. Learning to rest has made a significant difference for me when I feel restless.

Instead of watching HGTV and lamenting the state of your own home, shut off the TV and see what you can do to improve what you do have. Clear out some clutter or paint a bedroom. It doesn’t have to be a full remodel. Freshen up your surroundings and you’ll have a new appreciation for your living space.


If you woke up with a roof over your head and plan on eating more than once today, you’re living large. So many have so little. For us to wake up safe and warm is a great gift.

The temporary unrest you feel is energy wasted. I know this because I have wasted too much time being discontented. This stole the goodness of the here and now from me, and I allowed it. When I think about living this life and the next with Jesus by my side, everything else seems to fade into the background.

Every season has an end. If you are in a difficult time, remember that it won’t last forever. God is with you in the midst of it and has gone before you to when things will be better. I pray you are encouraged by knowing that God loves you and longs for you to be content with Him. He is enough.

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses so that the power of Christ can work through me. -2 Corinthians 12:9

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6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: DISCONTENT

  1. Again, an awesome word….you have a gift of insight…knowing just what
    we need to here (or read) …I think this was truly meant for me – last
    night, CR was about being thankful and an attitude of gratitude.
    Although I am ALWAYS grateful for what God had done in my life, I
    sometimes struggle with the everyday demands on my life …at 63 years
    old, I just want a break …but I realize, I need to be the one to take the
    break and not let the enemy make me feel guilty that I did! Love you,

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