The Power of a Praying Friend

I have a small group of women I consider close friends. These are people I would confide almost anything in, especially to ask them to pray. The power of a praying friend is immeasurable in my life

These are people I know I can call or text at any time to ask them to stand in prayer for me, my family, or any other situation. I know that when I ask, their prayers will rise to the ears of God. Never do I doubt that they’ll follow through.

I aim to be that kind of friend also. When the requests come, I make a point to remember the petitions of my friends when praying. Some of us have been praying for the same issue for a long time, while others of us have seen God’s miraculous intervention right away.

These mutual prayer relationships are developed over time. You get to know who “your people” are. These are the people you come to rely on for a listening ear and godly advice.

When someone asks you to pray, make sure you do it. This may be daily or throughout the week. Jot it in a journal if that helps you remember.

Follow up with a call or text to ask how your friend is doing. By doing this, you’ll get an update so you are aware of how you can pray more specifically or rejoice to hear that the prayer has been answered.

Be vulnerable when asking for prayer. When you are open and honest, it is a benefit to the person praying for you and for you as well.

Ask for accountability if you are requesting prayer for a personal struggle. Give your praying friend permission to check in on you and follow up.

Of all my friends, my praying friends are the most precious to me because we are bound together in Christian love. Sisters in Christ who pray for and with each other are the best kind of friends.

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” – Romans 12: 10:11

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