Small Victory Celebration: The Plenty of a Little Bit

I had high hopes for all the things I’d accomplish this summer. A massive purge of the clutter around here and a complete restyling of my dining room were on the agenda. I was going to exercise five days a week and lose enough weight to get myself below a magic number I had in mind. Plus I was going to write…so much writing.

As I should have surmised, these things didn’t quite happen, at least not on the scale I fantasized they would.

My husband and I both worked part-time, each of us spending some days at school to prepare for the next term this fall. He also worked his summer job as a caretaker at a local sailing club. We were able to earn money for our family this summer but still enjoyed lots of family time. Grateful for this blessing.

Though my dining room is still the same shade of blue that someone else chose when they painted it eleven years ago, our tiny powder room has been painted. A new faucet and light fixture also made their way into the improvements. It looks wonderful and turned out just how we wanted.

We will be heading on the road soon to visit family before school starts, so there’s no time to paint the dining room. There are built-in cabinets and other details that make it a major undertaking. That project has been “on the list” for about four years now. Maybe next year. The small victory of a freshly-painted powder room is enough for me.

The clutter purging this summer was not massive, but a decent number of things made their way to Goodwill. Some stuff found its way into the hands of community members on a local buy nothing/sell nothing group online. Progress happened and there is less clutter than before, so I count it a small victory.

I imagined I’d be writing so much material that my fingers would be callused from all that typing. Yes, I did write some. Amazingly, some of it was accepted to be published. Some was rejected also, but at least it was read by someone besides me.

I also promised a friend I’d proofread and edit his novella for him, which is tedious work. So I haven’t done all the writing I’d like, but I was able to bless him. I also learned that I don’t want to be an editor – I’d rather write. This is a small victory also.

Back in May, I completely changed my diet and exercise habits. Slowly but surely, I’m getting healthy and losing some weight. I won’t be at the goal I had in mind by the end of the summer. However, I have consistently made good choices and lost weight in an attempt to steward my body well. Again, a small victory.

The plenty of a little bit this summer has been made clear to me. Progress, though not as grand as I’d imagined, is still progress. I’m grateful for what we could accomplish and for the balance we were able to enjoy. We managed to have family time, couple time, and professional time, and accomplished things around the house.

Goal-setting is not new for me, but following through is. This means I’ve had to recalibrate what is actually possible when setting my goals so they are realistic and achievable. It is a small victory to be working towards goals and meeting them to some extent instead of quitting.

Celebrate small victories. They are enough.

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2 thoughts on “Small Victory Celebration: The Plenty of a Little Bit

  1. Your post about small victories is encouraging. I always wish to do more than I ever can, so it
    means constant disappointment. I’m trying hard to revisit the way I make goals, so they are
    more achievable.

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