Pursuing Faithfulness in the Little Things

Little Things

My husband is a man of few words but much wisdom. We rarely disagree or argue, but when we do, it is usually over something trivial. He tells me, “You do all the big things right.” It’s the little things I’m not great about, but I’m working on that.

For example, I have habits like leaving kitchen cabinet doors open and stealing his socks. He has expressed to me that these things annoy him and asks me to refrain from doing them. Sometimes I do better than others, sometimes not so much.

Last fall, as I pondered what My One Word for 2018 would be, the Lord put it on my heart that STEWARDSHIP is something I should reflect upon. As I thought about it, I realized this relates to my infinitely patient husband’s grievances about my annoying quirks.

As a result of these ponderings and my 2018 Quest for Stewardship, the blog has undergone a recent facelift. You’ll see a new logo and layout. This was precipitated by my decision to narrow my focus to the concept of “faithfulness in the little things”, which is the new tagline here. This will be a central theme going forward, though other topics will continue to be addressed.

The Bible talks about little things also:

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, That spoil the vineyards; For our vineyards are in blossom. Song of Songs 2:15 (ASV)

From this comes the saying, “It’s the little fox that spoils the vines.”

Explanation of this is well described in Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete).

This charge to take the foxes is, 1. A charge to particular believers to mortify their own corruptions, their sinful appetites and passions, which are as foxes, little foxes, that destroy their graces and comforts, quash good motions, crush good beginnings, and prevent their coming to perfection. Seize the little foxes, the first risings of sin, the little ones of Babylon (Ps. 137:9 ), those sins that seem little, for they often prove very dangerous. Whatever we find a hindrance to us in that which is good we must put away. (Henry)

Indeed this is true, the smallest things are the start of any destruction. Compromises, lazy habits, careless comments – in time, all of these can yield large crops of rotten fruit. This is why I am compelled to be more mindful of the little things. I want to be a God-honoring person in all things, great and small.

This is not to say that leaving cabinet doors open is a sin. However, it is a little thing that is easily done in an effort to pursue faithfulness and excellence.

I’m learning to be more aware of my “little foxes” and am working on keeping them at bay. In what areas of your own life do you need to pursue faithfulness in the little things? My hope is to encourage you to pursue this faithfulness so that all areas of your life and mine are a reflection of God.

He is God of the little things too.

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2 thoughts on “Pursuing Faithfulness in the Little Things

  1. This was awesome Tracy. The Lord has been ever so gently telling me for awhile to obey the
    speed limits while driving. I’ve been keeping up with it for awhile now…and have noticed how
    I don’t rush as much going to work, or church or anywhere. It’s also made me be proactive in
    getting to places earlier (except for the last home group…my bad) and planning ahead so that
    I’m not rushing. Thanks for sharing about the little foxes.

    1. I love it! Years ago, Pastor Nick talked about taking the shopping cart back instead of leaving it in the parking lot. I have been taking it back ever since. 🙂

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