SUNRISE: No Clouds, No Glory

SUNRISE: No Clouds, No Glory

On Wednesday this week, heeding my predawn morning alarm was especially difficult. The past couple of weeks have been an exhausting whirlwind, containing too much running around and wildly inconsistent October weather. The shifting temperatures and wonky barometric pressure have rendered me a sniffly, wiped-out mess. However, it’s that time of year when I get to see the sunrise as I leave for work. For several blessed pockets of time each year, my Heavenly Father’s renderings in the eastern sky give me a boost as I drive the fifteen minute commute to work.

On Wednesday, I observed what may be the most stunningly exquisite sunrise I have ever witnessed. Vivid purples, pinks, and oranges intermingled for only a few minutes before fading to more sedate hues. I was fortunate enough to hit a well-timed red light, turning to my left to snap a photo. The reason for the spectacular image was that layers of clouds were set ablaze by the sun as it crept over the horizon. As He is wont to do, the Lord quickened a thought to my heart:

No clouds, no glory.

SUNRISE: No Clouds, No Glory

Indeed, without the obstruction of the clouds in the atmosphere, the light of the sun would spread out and be diffused by the expanse of sky. Sure, it would be colorful without, but the clouds provide something to reflect the light of the sun. They are an ideal canvas for the cacophony of color.

As I struggle with the “clouds” in my life, I resolve to humbly ask God to shine upon them, revealing His glory and purpose. I pray that when others see the reflection of God in my life, even in my difficulties, He would be glorified. No clouds, no glory.

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