POETRY: Four Rivers

Poetry: Four Rivers

This poem sums up my experience at St. Davids Writers’ Conference. It was my first journey of such a distance alone, as well as the first time I was in a place by myself for 5 days. I wasn’t by myself for long though. Beautiful people greeted me there and made me one of their own.

Poetry: Four Rivers



I crossed four rivers to get to my dreams.


Delaware, Lehigh, Susquehanna, Allegheny.

Through a mountain’s belly,

along emerald-lined byways.

I found a wild tribe in the Grove,

full of fire and words and love and passion.

Their Leader was seated on high,

yet dwelt among them in the Grove.

Knowledge, laughter, tears, prayers colliding,

creating a new thing in my heart.

It ended as it began.


The tribe scattered,

fanning out to take their own brand of wild

back to their own places.

Light bringers, Love singers.

My native tribe awaited my return,

They were freckled, squirmy, ready with hugs.

Allegheny, Susquehanna, Lehigh, Delaware.

I crossed four rivers to get to my dreams.

Hi! I’m Tracy…Christ-follower, wife, mama, writer, blogger, speaker, teacher, dreamer. I love Earl Grey Tea and quiet mornings. Here at Earl Grey and Yellow, the focus is striving to be faithful and appreciate the small things. So glad you stopped by. Please have a look around and subscribe to our newsletter and social media to stay connected.

20 thoughts on “POETRY: Four Rivers

  1. What a beautiful poem! And congratulations on having the courage to cross four rivers to attend the St. David’s Christian Writers Conference. And what a lovely time we had. I don’t remember getting a chance to sit and talk with you this year–but let’s make a point of getting together next year! I assume you are coming back in 2018!

    1. It was truly idyllic! I was worried I’d not do well driving that far alone, but the scenery and my worship music sustained me.

    1. Thank you so much. I am blessed to have you and other experienced writers from St. Davids encourage me.

    1. Thank you Rose! I know the Lord was on the move last week. Praying it would sustain me until I cross four rivers again.

  2. Tracy, love the poem. You are growing by leaps and bounds as a writer. I’m still using the devotional from the Women’s Tea.

  3. Great idea for a poem. Was able to follow your path across the rivers. I really believe that God is sending you on a new path!

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