ALL THINGS NEW: 2017 Ladies’ Tea Recording and Slides

I am so very blessed that I was able to do my first speaking engagement today at the Ladies’ Tea at my church. What a beautiful day it was. If you would like to listen again or could not be there, I am providing the link of the recording on Soundcloud. Also included is the slide presentation with scriptures and pictures.  The theme is All Things New.  What a blessing it was to have the opportunity to give a testimony of my life and how God has renewed and restored me. I pray that the Lord would continue to use me and increase my influence as a speaker and writer.

All Things New
Ladies’ Tea – 2017 Calvary Church

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN – Ladies’ Tea 2017

PICTURES, SCRIPTURES from the Ladies’ Tea 2017

What a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to subscribe at Earl Grey and Yellow for free updates from the blog. You can also follow on Facebook at the Earl Grey and Yellow Facebook Page. I pray you would be encouraged by my words and blessed in the knowledge that GOD is able to renew and restore. Thank you JESUS!

6 thoughts on “ALL THINGS NEW: 2017 Ladies’ Tea Recording and Slides

  1. We just listened to the whole of your wonderful and inspirational talk to the Ladies Tea. You are a terrific speaker – and you had no reason to be over-awed by the magnitude of your invitation. You will go on to lead many to a deeper faith and a greater trust in Almighty God. John and Melinda

    1. How kind of you to say so. Glad you enjoyed it! It was truly an honor and blessing for me to share with the wonderful ladies on Saturday. To God be the glory!

    1. Thank you Rosie. It was a wonderful honor and I am so blessed to have been able to share. May God use it to speak life to those who attended. 🙂

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