The Amazing Magical Power of Everyday Things

Life, of course, is made up of a steady stream of consecutive moments.  Sometimes we are blessed with landmark moments like first days of school, births, landing dream jobs, graduations, weddings, family reunions and the like.  These sorts of times cause us to swell with emotions like joy, pride and wonder.   Unfortunately, we can’t rely on them to sustain us throughout the rest of life’s other less monumental events.  Between the mountain and valley experiences of life runs the everyday flow of moments that carry us day to day with little fanfare.   

The everyday is beautiful.  Some may view it as mundane or tedious for its lack of excitement.  I have gradually adopted a different view because I have discovered the Amazing Magical Power of Everyday Things.  There isn’t anything inherently magical about the things on my list, but I would argue that under the right conditions, each of these things has the ability to elevate the everyday to the Magical.  Here’s my short list:


Douglas Adams, author of some fantastically clever and silly books such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, published an insightful little tome in 1990 called The Deeper Meaning of Liff: A Dictionary of Things There Aren’t Any Words for Yet.  One of my favorites is lambarene (LAM-ba-reen), an adjective meaning “feeling better for having put pajamas on”.  This phenomenon is not only quite real, but a testimony to the power of pajamas, a humble, seemingly everyday object.  The deep and abiding sense of contentment that pajamas can provide is only amplified if they happen to be warm from the dryer on a particularly damp and chilly day.  Their magical ability to soothe and comfort is a reliable friend in times of weariness.  My favorite pair is emblazoned with flamingos donning winter hats and scarves in a trailer park setting. 

My favorite pair is emblazoned with flamingos donning winter hats and scarves in a trailer park setting.  

Why Yes, Those Are Wintertime Flamingos in a Trailer Park Pajamas


I am a night-showering person.  For me, I would rather scrub up in the evening and have to re-wet my wild hair in the morning than wait until morning to shower.  There’s something about a hot shower that washes away the cares of the day, along with the sweat and grime.  The lathering and rinsing seem to have a transcendental property that settles me in both mind and body before I retire in the evening.  Feeling clean and being cozily swathed in the aforementioned pajamas, even the toughest day can be rinsed down the drain like so much Vanilla Sugar Scrub.

Joseph's Coat Roses


Purchased, picked or simply observed while driving or walking, flowers have a magnetic happiness that draws me in. Most especially, when I see what’s blooming in my yard throughout the spring and summer, I’m overcome by their beauty.  The variety of colors and fragrances has the ability to elicit wonder at the creativity of God Himself.  My particular favorites are purple hydrangeas and my Joseph’s Coat roses.  I can’t say I have ever observed anyone frowning or grumbling with regard to flowers.  Usually people seem to be smiling and happy when flowers are around, which confirms that they deserve a place on this list of magical items.


Really, for those who are in the know, no explanation is needed.  However, for those who haven’t come to appreciate the majesty of coffee yet, I’ll explain.  The aroma of a brewing pot elicits feelings of joy and anticipation.  And the first sip is always magic.  I would even go so far to say it is the Elixir of Heaven, particularly immediately prior to a faculty meeting.  I’m fortified for whatever task awaits – teaching high school students, running errands, or preparing to shuttle kids to church on a Sunday morning.  I arise and am blessed by the humble bean that has been imbued with just enough magic, and caffeine, to make the day great.


A cup of tea and a slice of cake can turn an afternoon into a regal affair.

This site is called Earl Grey and Yellow, so it would be remiss of me not to address the gentle magic of tea.  Acting as an aid to accelerate wellness in times of being under the weather, it soothes and calms, coupled with honey and lemon to do its magic.  However, my favorite magical property of tea is how it facilitates conversation and laughter with friends old and new. A cup of tea and a slice of cake can turn an afternoon into a regal affair.  I have one particular friend with whom I always enjoy a cup of tea when we can get together.  It is our magic potion, binding our friendship and releasing us back to our busy lives until we meet again.


Saucony sneakers and an open sidewalk - bliss!
Saucony sneakers and an open sidewalk – bliss!

There’s something about a walk.  I don’t really mean like power-walking, exercisey walks.  They’re nice and are very good for you, but I mean a walk where mental health is the focus, rather than the physical.  Sometimes just to be quiet and stroll are the remedies for a busy or difficult day.  I happen to be blessed to live in a very walkable town, adjacent to a river with loads of homes where flowers (see above) grow and trees shade the streets.  To meander up and down these streets, with no real route in mind, produces an intoxicating peace that can’t be purchased in a shop or conjured by a friend’s counsel.  Finding a park or neighborhood to stroll does wonders to clear the head and strengthen the soul.  Fresh air, contemplation and a scenic view are indeed a powerful trifecta for promoting well-being.  It can be noted that bike-riding can produce the same effect, but for the innately clumsy (like me),  this requires a level of heightened alertness that walking does not.


Though the unavoidable loss of edge happens upon getting a minivan, I’m fine with it.  I’ve been only too happy to wheel about, windows down, tragically unhip, blasting some Depeche Mode or Prince tune.  This often to the chagrin of my poor husband, who is victimized by my negligence in not reducing the volume dial when it is his turn to take the van someplace.   One of the great things about being 40-something and driving a minivan is that I am a product of the 80’s and I have figured out who I am.  This makes being tragically unhip fine, as long as the tunes are good. I’ve found that listening to The Cars or Queen helps me with the cleaning due to being up-tempo.  And when I run?  Run-DMC or the Beastie Boys seem to make me run better and just a little further.

I hope you have your own list of Amazingly Magical Everyday Things.  Perhaps we even share some.  I love them and lean heavily upon them as I go about daily business.  In the times between the extreme events of life, these simple things reassure us that everyday is, in fact, pretty magical.


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