10 Things I Learned From My 40’s

1 – I love my husband more than ever.  We know who we are as a couple.  We have established a partnership over the past 20 years in running the home and parenting and have come to the conclusion that we are a pretty amazing team.

2 – As a parent, I am more confident and relaxed.  Horrible crashes in another room no longer instill fear.  Instead, at times, I have a sense of guilt that I am sitting there longer than I should before getting up to investigate.

3 – Chin hair.  It’s real, it’s scary and it has no shame.  Pluck or be bearded!

4 – My job is important, but my family is my legacy.  I do my best at work, but don’t allow it to cross the boundaries into my family time the way I used to.   My supervisor won’t be at my funeral remembering how wonderfully I submitted paperwork and stayed late after quitting time.

5 – Teaching kids to cook and help prepare food makes them better eaters.  Teaching them to grow their food also works this way.  Garden tomatoes from your yard are the best you’ll eat, if the kids leave you any.

Being 40+ is really OK.


6 – I’m more patient.  Things that used to incense me don’t anymore.  For example, missing a traffic light on the way to work is actually a beautiful nugget of extra time by myself to think and be grateful.

7 – I’m less concerned about the house being perfectly clean and visually appealing and more concerned about the laughter and love when people come to visit.  As long as people can walk without spraining an ankle, we’re good.

8 – I feel better about myself and my body than I ever did in my 20’s and 30’s.  This body, with all its stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles, has brought three people into this world and can run, do yoga and play at the park with children.

9 – You CAN live without cable and a land line phone.  Not having them saves you time and money.  You can actually live without a lot of things if you decide to.

10 – Experiences > Stuff.  I don’t want more stuff.  I want to go lots of places with my family and purge the junk I have so my kids won’t have to when I am old or dead.  This isn’t grim, it’s practical.

So then, if you are nearing 40 with some trepidation, don’t!  Proverbs 16:31 says “Grey hair is a crown of glory”, which sounds pretty great right? My 40’s have been the happiest and most energetic decade of my life thus far.  I hope you’ll find the same.


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