Battling Back to School Madness: Get Refreshed

Parenting responsibilities kick into overdrive when back to school time begins. Shuttling kids to activities, packing lunches, attending school events, and adhering to stricter schedules can cause stress and press us for time. It’s hard to feel refreshed. My husband and I tend to collapse on the sofa on Friday evenings in September. We are…

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Testimony Under the Surface

I was baptized at 14 years old at the front of the church where I grew up. I’ll never forget it. Donning a white robe, I stepped into the white-tiled baptismal tank, heart beating like mad. Before I was baptized, I shared a short testimony. Then, I went under the surface, emerging full of peace….

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My One Word 2018

Next Level Life: Stewardship

It’s just after Christmas and the bulk of the hustle and bustle has soared by in a blur of sprinkles and gift receipts. In this quiet, contemplative time before we enter the new year, I am thinking about my life, particularly about stewardship. Maybe you’re thinking about your life too. What are your dreams, hopes,…

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