Testimony Under the Surface

I was baptized at 14 years old at the front of the church where I grew up. I’ll never forget it. Donning a white robe, I stepped into the white-tiled baptismal tank, heart beating like mad. Before I was baptized, I shared a short testimony. Then, I went under the surface, emerging full of peace….

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Stewardship Series Week 6: Use Your Gifts

As this series on stewardship comes to a close, I want to get personal. I know talking about stewardship of the body was probably personal enough, but this topic is really personal. It’s about your gifts, talents, and abilities. Every gift and talent God has bestowed has been strategically given. They are not just blessings…

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Undivided Heart

An Undivided Heart

I’m easily distracted. Really, I am. Something shiny (physically or metaphorically) catches my eye and my head snaps towards it. How easily it lures me in. Likewise, I’ll be working on a task in one room of the house, walk into another room, and get caught up in some other needful activity. Before I know…

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