Late Bloomer

Snapshot of Truth: Late Bloomer

There’s a deep spiritual truth in this photo. Behold the┬álate bloomer. For months, these amaryllis bulbs have been showing foliage, but no blooms. They just weren’t fulfilling their intended purpose. I’d actually given up that they would ever flower but kept them around because the green was nice. But then, a small stalk with a…

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Mayday! Parenting from the Edge of Summer

Today was a ruthlessly busy day of parenting, consisting of two kids’ birthday parties, a yard sale, and a Cub Scout event. This was ill-positioned at the end of a hectic week at work. I’m finally sitting down to write, to assure you that as positive as I aim to be, I see neither sunshine…

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Free devotional - please enjoy!


Last Saturday, I had my first speaking engagement, which you can listen to┬áHERE. The topic of the event was “All Things New”. What a blessing to share with a roomful of ladies how God can make all things new. As I was preparing for the event, I feel the Lord impress on my heart to…

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